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How To Determine Your Choice Of Decking Boards

The deck is a valuable and attractive outdoor entertainment area which, in sunnier climes, may get more use than the family's living room itself. Consequently, it's little wonder that many people are considering such a decking project as they seek to make more use of their family time at home together, and allow for premium use of any spare time they may have too.

When it comes to the investment required, the cost of the deck will often be determined by the actual square footage. You need to think carefully what you will be using the deck for and how creative you want to be. Many people opt for a multi-tier deck with some built-in entertainment options, including stairways down to lower levels or to the garden area.

As the project itself is often determined by the square footage of the deck boards, let's look at the most popular options available today:

Pressure treated wood is the traditional choice and is often said to have the most appealing finished look. Whilst decking boards made from untreated product such as Cedar may have a particularly warm and inviting appearance, pressure treated pine is a good compromise, as it will be especially resistant. With this choice you have to be sure that periodic treatments are applied to ensure that it remains rot and insect resistant to as great a degree as possible.

When it comes to Wood Decking, you have a number of different options

Some of these can become rather expensive for the larger project. However, if you have a hankering for that authentic dark wood appearance, you can even get some very exotic products from the tropics and the Far East, up to and including mahogany, for example.

Composite deck boards may be a completely different solution for you. As the name implies they are a composite of recycled plastics and waste wood. These options have the advantage of low-maintenance as compared to the wood options and you can often select from a range of colours or stain the product so that it fits in with the general appearance of your home.

For yet another option you can turn to plastic decking made from polyethylene or PVC. This is relatively easy to install and is very resistant to mould and mildew and the effects of the weather, but can be a little bit more costly than the other options.

Select your Decking Boards according to the immediate environment into which your project is installed

Consider all the different selections and then look at your existing home, its appearance, style and how your decking project should fit in with the surrounding location. Determine your product of choice based on the overall size of your project, your need for that traditional or conventional look and get ready to enjoy the additional functionality that a deck will afford you.


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