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Understand Your Specific Needs - Then Choose Your Decking Requirements

The installation of an external decking area can create an entirely new environment for a home owner, providing so many different opportunities for entertainment, outdoor pastimes or simply relaxing. You may find that you have a particularly pleasant view off to one side of your home, or might like to enjoy a beautiful sunset from the other. Wouldn't it be nice just to throw open the patio door on a pleasant evening and stroll in and out from your kitchen to your deck entertainment area?

There are various different types of decking available on the market today and your choice will depend on personal selection, appearance and the need for maintenance over the long-term. Often it comes down to personal choice as each option available these days is very aesthetically pleasing and designed to look the part.

Traditionally, wood or timber has been the selection of choice, but it needs the most maintenance over its lifetime.

It can be susceptible to extremes of temperature and the ever-present moisture in our climate. Also, you have to be careful to treat it for bug infestation. Watch for warping if not treated correctly and this option will need to be checked each and every season to make sure that you avoid wood rot. Having said that, wood used in this type of decking is usually pre-treated and it can be stained in a variety of different colours to suit your existing colour scheme or favourite palette.
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Composite decking looks just like real wood and has the advantage of being very low maintenance.

It won't rot, as wood might and you should know that often these decks are made from recycled materials. Be careful when installing though, especially if your decking area gets the heat of those long summer days, as there is some potential for bending when the surface gets hot.
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Plastic decking is an option for you as well and is likewise rot proof and will not decay over time.

It doesn’t have that rustic appeal associated with wood or certain composite products, but many people choose it for its more contemporary look. Read more about Plastic Decking ›

Before you choose your decking option you should take time to understand the choices and also to determine your actual usage needs.

Do you require a multi-layer deck, or a deck that has additional features built-in? Also ensure that you take all the prevailing wind conditions and other weather related elements into consideration. You may require some additional protection, like a screen or awnings, to fully enjoy your deck during those warmer summer afternoons and evenings. Remember that you can get special software products that allow you to design your new project and look at everything from different points of view, before consulting with your professional installer.


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